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Advisory to the Indian Community in Ghana
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An Advisory to the Indian Community in Ghana

This is in response to several enquiries being received by this High Commission from the members of the Indian community in Ghana.
Ghana is a mature democracy with stable and progressive political institutions. The scheduled Supreme Court verdict on 29th August 2013, therefore, this Mission believes, is going to be handled with great responsibility and understanding by all the political parties and all other concerned.
It is also our assessment that the Ghanaian authorities are taking all necessary measures from anticipated security and law and order point of view.
However, as it can happen anywhere in the world, stray cases of tension none can rule out. It is only prudent for the members of the community to take basic precautions such as avoiding crowded places or places of possible tension, avoiding avoidable travel outside one's neighbourhood on and around the date of the verdict, etc.
Further, the situation will continue to be monitored and updates provided at this site as and when felt necessary.
For any other relevant clarifications or in case of any need, the following officials of the High Commission can be contacted:
  • Shri T.J. Suresh, First Secretary – Mobile: 0263009485
  • Shri Satish Sakleshpur, Second Secretary – Mobile: 0263135416
  • Shri Paramjit Singh, Attache – Mobile: 0263131222
  • Shri D.S. Bist, Attache – Mobile: 0263018237
It would also be useful to make note of the following contacts in case of any emergency:
POLICE: 191 (Quick Response), 18555 (For reporting Crime)



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