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Procedure for handling of complaints under the Public Interest Disclosure and Protection of Informers (PIDPI) Resolution dated 21.4.2004 to be followed by the designated authority (CVOs of Ministries/Departments).



The 'Designated Authority' shall authorize an officer not below the level of Section Officer (SO) for receiving complaints under the PIDPI Resolution.


All envelopes super-scribed with 'Complaint under The Public Interest Disclosure' will be opened by the SO/In-charge, so authorized, in presence of the 'Designated Authority'.


The identity of the complainant would be confirmed by the SO/In-charge by writing a letter to him/her.


After the identity is confirmed, both, 'Designated Authority' and the SO/In-charge, will ensure that the identity of the complainant is removed from the body of the complaint and the dummy complaint given a number along with central registry diary number with which the original complaint can be traced back.


The original complaint would be kept in a safe/almirah. The custody of the almirah will remain with the concerned Section Officer and at no time that complaint can be accessed without proper authority from the 'Designated Authority'.


The dummy complaint so made would be submitted to the 'Designated Authority' who would take the decision whether the matter requires to be looked into further and report is to be called in the matter from any quarters. (Separate files may be open for each complaint).


While considering the complaints the 'Designated Authority' would take no action on complaints relating to administrative matters like recruitment, promotion transfers and other related issues. However, in case of serious complaints of irregularity in these matters, the same could be brought to the notice of the Secretary/Head of the organization for taking appropriate action.


In such cases where a decision has been taken to call for a report, a maximum time limit of 2 weeks may be given. In case no reply is received within two weeks, a reminder should be sent at the level of the "Designated Authority". If no reply is still received, the second reminder after 2 weeks should be sent at the level of the Secretary. If no reply is still received, the "Designated Authority' may call for an explanation and recommend administrative action for deliberate delay.


On receipt of the report, the concerned SO/In-charge will put up the matter to the 'Designated Authority' who shall investigated into the complaint and prepare an investigation report within two weeks.


The "Designated Authority" would submit the investigation report along with his recommendation to the Central Vigilance Commission for further direction.


Meanwhile, the "Designated Authority" shall ensure that no punitive action is taken by any concerned Administrative authority against any person on perceived reasons/suspicion of being "whistle blower".


Subsequent to the receipt of Commission's directions to undertake any disciplinary action based on such complaints, the CVO has to follow up and confirm compliance of further action by the DA and keep the Commission informed of delay, if any.


The Section Officer/In-charge should maintain a separate list for the complaints received under the 'PIDPI Resolution' and enter the information in the computer system and monitor their progress periodically and put up the same to the 'Designated Authority every 2 weeks.


Wherever the complainant has alleged victimization/harassment the 'Designated Authority' should ensure that if the identity of the complainant somehow becomes known he/she should not be harassed/victimized by way of frequent transfers, etc.


In case a complainant seeks protection and reports that his life is in danger, the 'Designated Authority' would examine the same and send his recommendation to the CVC to take up the matter with the Nodal Officers of respective States/UTs appointed by the Ministry of Home Affairs/State Governments for the purpose of providing security cover to the whistle blowers.


Name of the Designated Authority to receive written complaints or disclosure on allegations of corruption or misuse of office in the Ministry of External Affairs, under the Public Interest Disclosure and Protection of Informers (PIDPI) Resolution:

Shri Arun K. Chatterjee
Joint Secretary (CNV) & Chief Vigilance Officer,
Room No. 163, South Block,
New Delhi - 110011
Tel : +91-11-23011357,
Fax : +91-11-23792285
Email : jscnv@mea.gov.in



It is certified that I have not made similar/identical allegation of corruption/misuse of office to
any other authorities to qualify as a Whistle Blower complainant.


Signature: ______________

Name of the Complainant: _________________

Address: ___________________________________

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