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Agriculture & Agro-Processing

Production and marketing of high quality vegetables and fruits
Upgrade and expansion of cocoa project
Expansion of organic fruits & vegetables cultivation
Expansion of Fruit Juice Processing Facility
Expansion in the Production of Beverages using Hibiscus Sabdarifa (Bissap Plant)
Production and Packaging of Fruit Juice for the Local and EU Market
Establishment of a Citrus (Orange) Processing Plant
Establishment of integrated mushroom and fish production facility
Establishment of Cocoa Processing Plant
Establishment of Modern Cocoa Processing Facility
Production of Dried Spices and Fruits
Production and Packaging of Fruit juice for the local and
West African Market
Establishment of a tomato processing and packaging factory
Operation of a functional commercial farm
Establishment of a Shea Nut Processing Plant
Production of quality fruit juice
Production, refining and distribution of sunflower oil and biodiesel
Production of Shea Butter and cooking oil for Local and Export Markets
Establishment of production facilities for an aquaculture
fish farm for tilapia and catfish
Establishment of a Modern Commercial Fish Farm
Establishment of hibiscus processing unit
Expansion of Voacanga Africana Cultivation and Processing
Processing and packaging of traditional African food products for export

Establishment of cement production facility
Production of garments/apparel for exports
Oppoertunity to undertake production of staple composite instant Foods
Production of regular and carbonized briquettes
Expansion in the production of quality palm kernel oil
Upgrade and expansion in the operations of a beverages producer
Expansion in the production and distribution of packaged cocoa drink
Production of waterproof blocks using waste materials
Assembling of electrical appliances for distribution
Upgrade and expansion in the operations of an existing herbal products manufacturer
Manufacturing of egg tray, paper food & other packaging materials
Upgrade and expansion in the operations of a wood processing facility
Modernization and expansion of an existing ceramic production facility
Opportunity to acquire/take-over the operations of a functional polyethylene products manufacturer
Establishment of facilities for the production of coated aluminium utensils and related products
Establishment of a modern cast iron foundry in Ghana

Services & Tourism
Establishment of a lifestyle beachfront resort and vacation club
Provision of improved air transport services
Expansion and upgrade of profitable hotel facility
Expansion of a one-stop catering establishment
Establishment of an ultra-modern printing press
Establishment of a beachside tourism resort
Establishment of a Hotel in Takoradi
Expansion of Hotel Facility
Establishment of Hotel Facility
Establishment of a hotel and recreational centre
Establishment of a hotel in Takoradi
Expansion of modern hotel facility
Establishment of hotel facility
Operation of a college of hospitality and tourism
Establishment and operation of a savings & loans business
Expansion in the operations of a profitable microfinance company
Expansion of an existing educational facility
Leasing of motor vehicles and heavy duty equipment
Expansion of De Holiday Beach Hotel
Establishment of celebrity hotel and beach resort
Provision of inclusive and centralized travel & tour packages
Leasing of Dan's paradise hotel, restaurant and discotheque
Establishment and operation of unique hospitality facility

Information Communications Technology
Establishment of Seamless WiFi services venture
Offering seamless WiFi services
Expansion of market operation

Construction & Infrastructure
Development of affordable residential and commercial properties for sale and hiring
Construction of Residential and Commercial Properties in Ghana
Production and marketing of marble products

Oil & Mining
Establishment of a Quarry to feed the Construction Industry
Expansion and Automation of Granite Quarry Plant
Establishment of a Quarry
Establishment of an ultra modern quarry and granite project
Expansion in the operations of quarry project
Upgrade and expansion of salt project
Establishment of Salt winning, crystallization and refinery facility
Establishment of salt production facility
Expansion in the operations of a reputable petrochemical company
Expansion in the operations of a liquefied petroleum gas distributor
Establishment of salt winning, crystallization and refinery
facility Establishment of salt and integrated caustic soda production facility


Agriculture & Agro-Processing
Establishment of cocoa processing plant
Processing of cocoa beans for export
Integrated agro project
Cultivation of mangoes for the domestic and export markets
Expansion of the production of shea nut and pea nut oil
Production of pineapple juice and jam for the local and export markets
Processing of moringa
Production of mangoes
Production of Chili Pepper for the local and export markets
Processing of neem seed into oil and pesticides
Cassava processing to extract neutral alcohol and liquefied carbon dioxide
Production of high quality palm kernel oil
Cultivation of cocoa and others
Commercial aquaculture project
Establishment of a mango processing plant
Cultivation & processing of sunflower seeds into oil
Cashew nut cultivation
Commercial product and processing of ginger
Expansion of piggery

Production of biscuits for the local and West African Market
Production of pharmaceuticals products
Production of assorted cocoa products
Manufacturing of cement
Expansion in the production of quality kente cloths
Establishment of a chocolate manufacturing plant

Services & Tourism
Establishment of an intercity luxury bus service
Purchasing and marketing of cocoa
Establishment of a riverside resort and recreational
Heavy duty transportation business
Sale/Lease of a 61 room 4 star hotel
Establishment of sustainable tourist facility
Establishment of tourism training institution and hotel facility
Establishment of a recreational centre
Distribution of electrical goods
Development of eco-tourism complex
Distribution of electrical equipment
Establishment of a five star boutique hotel and resort

Oil & Mining
Establishment of a crude oil supply business
Establishment of an oil tank depot in Ghana's Industrial city of Tema

Construction & Infrastructure
Development of hostel facilities
Development of hostel accommodation
Renovation, rehabilitation and rebuilding of residential areas in Accra
Expansion in operations of a construction firm
Development of hostel accommodation
Establishment of residential, industrial and commercial facilities
Expansion in the operations of a construction company

Information Communications Technology
Establishment of e-commerce website


Development of premium ultra modern office complex in a prime location

Upgrading of Western Region- Natural Resource Enclave Road Projects:

  • Upgrading of Dadieso
  • Upgrading of Dormaa Ahenkro-Ohiayeanisia Road
  • Upgrading of Oseikwadwokrom-Benchema Road
  • Upgrading of Essaman-Tarkwa-Huni Valley-Bogoso

Upgrading of Western Corridor Road Projects:

  • Upgrading of Elubo-Asemkrom-Enchi Road
  • Upgrading of Enchi-Juabeso-Benchema-Goaso Road
  • Reconstruction & asphaltic overlay of Goaso-Sunayani-Buoku Road-Asphaltic overlay of Buoku-Wenchi-Bamboi Road
  • Asphaltic overlay of Bamboi-Sawla Road
  • Asphaltic overlay of Sawla-Wa Road
  • Upgrading & Asphaltic concrete overlay of Wa-Nadowli-Nadom-Hamile Road

Upgrading of Eastern Corridor Road Project

  • Tema Roundabout Kpong-Atimpoku-Asikuma Junction
  • Asikuma Junction-Hohoe-Jasikan-Poase Cement Road
  • Oti-Damanko-Bimbilla-Yendi Road
  • Yendi-Sakpiegu-Gushiegu-Nakpanduri
  • Nakpanduri-Bawku-Kulungugu

Upgrading of Bechem-Kwadwokrom Road (in the Brong-Ahafo Region) Project:

  • Bechem-Nkoranza Road
  • Nkoranza-Atebubu Road
  • Atebubu-Kwadwokrom Road


Upgrading of Accra-Tema Motorway
The Kwame Nkrumah Circle Interchange Development Project
The Danquah Circle Interchange Development Project
The Obetsebi Lamptey Circle Interchange Project
Construction of 100 Bridges along the Eastern and Western Corridor Roads
Rehabilitation of Lawra-Han-Tumu Road
Creation of Green Enforcement Division of Ghana Police Service
Eco Brigade Project
The Ghana Coconut Project
Rehabilitation of existing railway network
Expansion of national railway network
Establishment of residential houses
Establishment of Market Complex

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